Join Canton Games at Euroquest this weekend!

Canton Games is going on a fieldtrip!

This weekend, join Canton Games and the Games Club of Maryland for the annual board game tournament – Euroquest!  All the hottest Euro games will be played, including tournaments in Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and a dozen others.  There’ll also be open gaming the likes of which you’ve never seen before.  Canton Games will, of course, have a vendor booth set up selling all the greats, but there will be no shortage of games there for you to try out yourself.  I’m looking forward to some good Tichu games, and some good Princes of Florence competition.

Euroquest will be held at the Holiday Inn in Timonium.  More info can be found at

If you’ve ever enjoyed a board game more complex than Monopoly or Scrabble, this convention is for you.  Don’t say “Oh, that looks interesting” and forget about it.  Just go.  Do it.  I guarantee enjoyment.

One Response to Join Canton Games at Euroquest this weekend!

  1. legenddan says:

    Euroquest was an absolute blast. The surprise hit of the convention was Endeavor, a land grabbing game that reminds me strongly of Puerto Rico. There was, of course, a billion different copies of Seaside being played, and Z-Man Games was showing off the holiday smash game Dungeon Lords. Holy crap I can’t wait for my preorder to come in.

    The other highlight of the convention was this year’s incredibly handsome winner of the Princes of Florence tournament – Canton Game’s own self promoting Legend Dan Hoffman.

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