Dominion Demo Sunday at Canton Games!

Wanna learn a new game?  How about the hottest game to come out of Rio Grande in the last five years?  Come to Canton Games this Sunday, 11/7 , and play Dominion, Intrigue and Seaside combo with me!  I’ll be bringing in my own personal copy of Dominion with both expansions so you can try out any combination of cards you want.  There are now 78 unique cards, for practically limitless combinations.  If you want to know exactly how many different combinations there are, well, imagine the number 899 and then put another hundred zeroes behind it.  That number’s not made up – there are almost 9 googol different ways to play this game.  Suffice it to say that Dominion will never leave you bored.

And to make sure I’m not bored, come on down to Canton Games this Sunday and learn to play Dominion with me – Legend Dan!

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