Graphic Novels – 30% off, all the time

Canton Games has always been comitted to offering a great selection and local store experience, combined with the lowest possible prices.

Effective immediately, Canton Games is starting a new policy related to graphic novel pricing.  30% off cover price – all graphic novels, all the time!

This applies to in stock, special orders, new releases, everything! Also Come play Word Cookies, and checkout Word Cookies answers if you are having trouble.

Now there is no reason to buy online.  Support your local store while still taking advantage of low prices.

One Response to Graphic Novels – 30% off, all the time

  1. legenddan says:

    If you’re a regular to Canton Games and you haven’t checked out our stock of graphic novels, you’re missing out. There’s Ultimate Spider Man, Best of the Fantastic Four, Sandman collections – all kinds of good stuff. When you come in to pick up your weekly comics, do yourself a favor and take a peek at the graphic novel section.

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