Single Green Zendikar Looking For Deck

That’s right, kids.  Canton Games now has Zendikar singles on sale!  New enemy colored fetch lands, Lotus Cobra, Day of Judgement…  We’ve got the goods in.  I also got to spend some time opening up another box of 2010, so come check those out too.  In addition, we have one box of Zendikar hidden away for a secret purpose I’ll reveal later on.

Okay, fine.  it’s later.  I never could hold on to good news.

On Sunday October 18th, Canton Games will be holding it’s first (in a long while, anyway) Magic tournament!  We’ll be hosting an 8 man Zendikar booster draft, then hopefully a booster draft or T2 tournament every other Sunday.  I’ve been talking to all you magic players who come in here, and I’m looking forward to some good competition.  It’s been too long since I’ve gotten into a booster draft, and I think I’m looking forward to it more than the players are.  Due to space constraints, we have to put a cap at 8 players, so make sure you come in here and sign up ahead of time.  I will (begrudgingly) give up my seat in the tournament if too many people want to play, but let’s see how things turn out.

One Response to Single Green Zendikar Looking For Deck

  1. Ron says:

    I will be there! Maybe even today to get my spot!

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