Magic 2010 singles are here!

Canton Games now has Magic 2010 singles! If you’re looking for a couple extra duel lands to round out your deck or the disgustingly powerful Baneslayer Angel, look no further than our newest green binder.  We’ve also got hundreds and hundreds (and more hundreds) of common and uncommon cards.  I counted at least five of each when we opened them, so we’ve got playsets of whatever commons you need.  And of course, we have packs for sale, discounted down to $3.29 (2.99 in bulk).  Haven’t seen pack prices that low since 1995.

Know what else I haven’t seen since 1995?  Friggin’ Lightning Bolt!  That’s right, kids.  Thanks to WotC’s power creep, you can now fry 3/3 creatures with one lonely mountain – just like your daddy used to.  No drawbacks, no conditions, just three glorious damage for one red mana.  And it’s common again, so everybody gets to do it.  The loss of lightning bolt was the #1 reason I stopped playing red back in the day – shock always felt wrong.  I’m holding my breath for the day when WotC decides that Counterspell is a viable card again – then I can dust off my antiquated old W/U control deck.

Today I want to see a comment!  I know people are visiting this site – we have a page counter, you know.  Click the button on the bottom.  Give me your opinions.  Tell me I’m awesome.  Tell me I’m wrong…  No, just tell me how awesome I am.  But the important thing is that somebody comments, so I don’t feel like I’m hammering this keyboard for nothing.

Check out Canton Games for the best selection and prices on Magic 2010 singles.

One Response to Magic 2010 singles are here!

  1. Ron says:

    I’m glad to see your still going strong with Magic! I recently got back into the game after 2010, before that the last set i played was the Tempest block i believe. Well I’m going to re-visit your store today, see you then!

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