Top 10 Reasons to buy Comics from Canton Games

Why buy comics at Canton Games, here are the top 10 reasons:

1) All comics come bag and boarded – all the time, no extra charge

2) No comic every marked above cover price!  That’s right, variants, rare issues, first printings, valuable back issues – we NEVER mark up our comics and encourage everyone to search for that special deal!

3) Easy to use subscription service with no minimum

4) Generous subscription service discounts

5) Online subscription service option to see upcoming issues and get recommendations.

6) 10-20% off graphic novels all the time, for every customer – and even better discounts for subscription service customers

7) Easy, fast special orders with all discounts applied

8) Frequent buyer credit issued for all comic purchases for even more discounts

9) Great selection of comic related merchandise including action figures, calendars, busts, statues, and games

10) Friendly and easy shopping environment

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